Business Water Polo Ball Plaque


A water polo ball plaque is a large plaque that we hang up on the side of the pool deck wall. Each plaque has an engraving on it, which can say your business name however you’d like. These plaques are exposed to hundreds of people that attend Northwood High School’s Aquatics Center on a daily basis. These individuals are NHS water polo & swim team players/parents, NOVA swimmers/parents, North Irvine Water Polo Club players/parents, and bystanders (fans, NHS students, etc.).

Your water polo ball plaque is guaranteed to be proudly exposed to tens of thousands of people over the course of the year and is a great, inexpensive way to show your support for NHS Water Polo ($1.37 per day / $0.82 per day after renewal!).

Each Water Polo Ball Plaque Sponsorship lasts for one year. For example, if you purchase your plaque on 09/01/17, you will be asked to renew your sponsorship on 09/01/18.

A business renewal is only $300, which is a 40% discount for our most supportive sponsors!

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